[Wolfgang Gustav Rudolph Thomas]
* 23. December 1873 in Adelby near Flensburg
Getauft Adelby 6 February 1874
gefallen in the Battle of Beuvraignes on 3 October 1914.
begraben First buried at town cemetary of Avricourt,
now at the German Soldiers’Cemetary Nampcel (East of Noyon)
Gustav Poel in Itzehoe
Rudolf Kossak in Königsberg
Thomas Prehn in Plön

Graduated in Hamburg from Wilhelm-Gymnasium, 1 March 1892,

Lieutenant in Schleswig’s Field Artillery-Regiment Nr. 9
17 November 1892 Non Commissioned Officer Ensign
17 June 1893 Second-Lieutenant
1901 to 1904 he attended the War Academy
12 September 1902 First Lieutenant in Lauenburg Field Artillery-Regiment Nr. 45
Dispatched to the Great General Staff in Berlin
Captain acc. to Patent from 17 May 1910.
Battery Commander
July 1914 “Departure with lawful pension and permission to wear the uniform of the Field Artillery-Regiment Nr. 9 “, Award of the Red Eagle Order, 4th Class.
Transfer to the news agency of Friedr. Krupp Aktiengesellschaft in Essen.
After the war broke out, Wolfgang Poel availed himself to the Armed Forces in 1914.
Assigned leader of the 6th Battery of the 18th Reserve Field-Artillery Regiment (II. Div.) 29./30. August in Brussels.
Awarded the Iron Cross.

Verheiratet 10 October 1906 to Elisabeth Schetelig

Poel is the author of “Geschichte des Lauenburgischen Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 45“ (anonym., Dievenow 1908) (History of Lauenburg Field Artillery Regiment Nr.45)

- [Hinterlegt im Zentrum für Militärgeschichte und Sozialwissenschaften der Bundeswehr, Potsdam im  Juli 2018]

father: Wolfgang
silbings: Rudolf
children: Gerhard:::Walter:::Elisabeth