[Gerrit Lee]

* in Kuala Lumpur am 3. Januar 1987
getauft Port-Louis, Mauritius, 31. Juli 1987

Hans-Jürgen Harder, Oberstudienrat, Schleswig

1994 - 2006 German European School, Singapore, graduation: Abitur
2006 - 2008 Training as wholesale and foreign salesman, at KHS Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Visit to the Business College of the German European School Singapore.
2009 - 2013 Monash University Australia (Campus Kuala Lumpur)
Degree in Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Communication
since 2013 at DB Schenker in Malaysia as a Business Development Executive and
from 2016 Head of Ocean Customer Solutions


verheiratet 11.02.2017 in Bangkok with Sirinan Jaruphan


Sirinan Jaruphan

* in Songkhla, Thailand 3. October 1991

Vater: Gerhard