[Gerhard Wolfgang Peter]
* Altona-Othmarschen 31. August 1907
gestorben 24 September 1941 in Lübeck
begrabenat cemetery St.Jürgen-Friedhof

Attended school in Othmarschen, Essen-Bredeney and Altona (Christianeum)
Business training in Hamburg (Shipping Line), agricultural training (poultry farm) at Marquardt (Westhavelland).

Poultry farmer at properties in der Mark (Bornstedt) in Thüringen (Bürgel) and Silesia (Gusteutschel near Glogau and Jätzdorf near Ohlau).
Travels to Southern Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Canada.
Property purchase; operated a poultry farm in Wöllnitz near Jena.
Fell ill: tuberculosis

Contributor to Industry Journals:
German Agricultural Poultry News;
The German Cultivator of Fur-Bearing Animals (Der deutsche Pelztierzüchter).

father: Wolfgang
silbings: Walter:::Elisabeth